About Us

You can have confidence in the capabilities of RM Drilling & Well Services.

Our key personnel have 20 years of both air rotary and mud rotary water well drilling experience, degrees in geology, involvement in worldwide well-drilling projects and a rich, 40-year history of technical drilling for one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world. We are licensed and bonded to serve customers in Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota.


RM Drilling and Well Services is committed to a set of core values that lay the foundation of our company. These values shape everything we do, from how we develop and market our technologies, to how we serve our clients, employees, and communities.


Protecting each other like family while sustaining the environment in which we work.


Acting honestly, ethically, and responsibly in all aspects of our business.


Dealing fairly and openly with employees, clients, suppliers, and the community.


Delivering value through performance, innovation, and service quality.


We take pride in and ownership of our work and safety culture.