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Our state-of-the-art equipment enables us to drill wells up to 2,000 feet deep. Another practice that sets us apart from other well drilling companies is our 40 years of experience in fluid drilling.  Many wells are drilled using air, but fluid drilling can drill deeper wells and avoids some of the problems that can occur when performing air drilling. If needed, we can also complete a geophysical seismic/electrical survey to assist us in locating the ground water aquifer.  

Q & A

Yes. While the winter has challenges, drilling frozen ground is not one of them.

We do our wells based on a footage price and the footage price is based on location and type of drilling. Price is dependent on whether it’s simple drill and drive, using an underreamer, or being able to use PVC casing.

Each part of the state has a slightly different water table and GPM.  Most wells will be less than 200 feet.


If you need a well for the new home you are building, have to replace an existing well, require well pump repair or replacement, a routine well inspection, emergency repair service or want your water tested for bacteria or chemicals, we can handle that for you.


We warranty our work and stand behind it with a “make it right” approach to each and every job.  In addition, our transparent bidding and billing process ensures you have all of the costs associated with your project right from the start, with no “surprises” upon completion.


Safety and the environment are very important to us, therefore, all personnel are safety trained and wear personal protection equipment when on the job site.  In addition, all products that we use are environmentally safe and we clean up the job site when we are finished with your project.